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Battle of the Beasts (mobile)
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Battle of the Beasts is the mobile version of the game of the same name. It was released approximately June 2002 before disappearing in 2004.[1]


Before trying to start the game the player needed to have Vodafone or Cellnet as their mobile provider. To play the game the player had to text "FIGHT" followed by a space before having to enter the name of the fightable animals in the game then proceeding to hit space again then finally entering in five moves the player has chosen. The animals the player could fight are a Gastornis named GASTOR, a Megatherium named SLOTH, a Basilosaurus named BASIL, an Andrewsarchus named ANDREW, and PANTHERA, a European Lion.

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  1. Deducted from the archives available from the Wayback Machine.

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