Big Al


Poor Al

Biographical information
StatusDead and fossilized
Broadcast information
Appears inThe Ballad of Big Al
Portrayed byBig Al

Big Al is a young Allosaurus with 19 injuries that was found in Wyoming. Though surviving for a long time, even with 18 nearly healed injuries, his 19th injury, his middle toe on his right foot, which he broke, and it got infected, it ended up killing him due to starvation. He's the titular character of Ballad of Big Al: Walking with Dinosaurs special. He is the first dinosaur from WWD series to receive a name and a personality. Later other creatures would get the same thing.

Poor Al

Big Als Ghost next to the Skeleton

In Walking with... seriesEdit


Big Al chasse Diplodocus

Big Al chasing a baby Diplodocus

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