1. REDIRECT chasmatosaurus (wwm): Chasmatosaurus lived during the early and middle triassic) it ate lystrosaurus) euparkeria) and other large animals. In walking with monsters the series it was shown basking  near a lake in antarctica)  a euparkeria spotted a dragonfly in a baby chasmatosaurus's mouth) when it flew away the baby chased the euparkeria into the woods where it caught and ate a small dragonfly.
  2. chasmatosaurus(wwm)2: When they were done basking they went in the water to hunt.A herd of migrating lystrosaurus were crossing many were attacked) killed and eaten but many made it across.after making it cross the dangerous river)it was night time a therocephalian jumped on to a lystrosaurus injecting it,s venom it shaked it off and walked away ) but because of the venom it died and the rest of the therocephalian pack started eating it ) but that would not stop the herd from migrating.
  3. chasmatosaurus(wwm) 3: a chasmatosaurus confronts an euparkeria near a lystrosaurus carcass ) the euparkeria then evolves into an allosaurus.

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