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Crawley Creatures is a UK based company that specializes in practical effects and model making. Founded in 1986,[1][2] hey are responsible for creating the animatronics and physical props seen throughout Generation 1 of the Walking with... series.

For Walking with Dinosaurs they created a total of 80 physical models that were shown on screen that included heads, arms, eggs, and more.[3] They also created models for the special The Ballad of Big Al, most notably a physical head of the Allosaurus that was featured. For the follow-up series Walking with Beasts, Crawley Creatures created 40 animatronics for the series and created the prosthetics for the Neanderthals.[4] They would go on to further create the practical effects for Chased by Dinosaurs, Sea Monsters, and Walking with Monsters.

After their work on the Walking with... series, Crawley Creatures continued to work with Impossible Pictures on the other dinosaur series they created Prehistoric Park and Primeval.

Outside of their work with Impossible Pictures, Crawley Creatures has also created models for museums, such as the Natural History Museum, London and the Oxford University Museum of Natural History. Recently, they created the titular Tyrannosaurus for the National Geographic Channel documentary T. rex Autopsy.

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