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Evolution Game
Evolution game2
Game information
No. of players1
Release dateDecember 2001-Feburay 2002

The Evolution Game was a role playing game made for the Walking with Beasts series. The game was to be released in early December 2001, but its release was delayed and it wasn't available to play until on and after December 23rd, 2001.[1]

The player starts as a Teilhardina belgica, a small primate living in the Eocene 50 million years ago. Your objective being to survive, reproduce, and most importantly, evolve your species. Teilhardina's evolutionary path can vary depending on the choices made by the player. There was a text-only version of the game that was most likely for those without Adobe Shockwave, which was required for the standard version in order to load is 2D graphics.

In 2007[2] it became "unavailable" because of "Technical Problems" and has never become available since.







  • The Evolution Game can be seen as the spiritual successor to the Big Al Game.



  1. BBC - Science - Beasts - Evolution Game Archived December 23rd, 2001. Every available archive after this date shows the game as being released.
  2. Deducted from the existing archives

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