This is a transcript of the Walking with Cavemen episode "First Ancestors".
Please do not edit this transcript unless you have a copy of the episode to transcribe from, or have spotted an obvious spelling mistake.
Robert: This is the story of how we are different to every other creature that's ever walked the Earth.
Robert: And the key to its telling, lies with your family.
Robert: Hmm. That's my mother when she was four, that's one generation ago.
Robert: Look the sulky face, she sulks just like I do now, she'd just run away from home.
Robert: And there's my grandfather wearing his majors uniform. This would've been about 1916, the time of the First World War.
Robert: And then over the page, you've got my grandmother with her mother Julia and that's my great-grandmother. You see, that's three generations ago.
Robert: But supposing you could go back not just one generation or two generations,or even three generations, but three-hundred generations.
Robert: Or three-thousand.
Robert: To an ancestor who shared the world with the Neanderthals.
Robert: Jump back sixty-thousand generations and we meet one of the first people ever to set foot outside Africa.
Robert: A hundred-thousand generations, and meeting the relatives would have been even more intimidating than you could ever have imagined.
Robert: And that's just what we're going to do, travel through time, meeting the creatures who have become us and to see how their lives have led to the amazing reality of ours.
Robert: Our dead ancestors have left us a key to unlock the past.
Robert: With their fossil bones and relics as a guide, scientists can build up a picture of what it would be like to travel back in time.
Robert: If all the ape-men fossils from all over the world were collected together, I could probably fit the whole lot in the back of this car.
Robert: Yet each little fragment tells a tale about the world of which it was once apart.

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