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Creature information
Scientific name : Homo heidelbergensis a.k.a Homo antessor
Time period : Early Pleistocene
Primary diet : Omnivore
In the programmes
Fatalities caused : One Megaloceros
Appearances : Walking with Cavemen (The Survivors)
In the books

Homo heidelbergensis, also known as Homo rhodesiensis or Homo antecessor, was one of the ancestors of the modern humans. It lived during the Pleistocene epoch, around 40 000 years ago. Homo heidelbergensis was somewhat less intelligent than the modern humans and was the ancestor to the Neanderthal.

In the SeriesEdit

Walking with CavemenEdit

The SurvivorsEdit

Homo heidelbergensis appears in the last episode of Walking with Cavemen. In this episode, it was shown first hunting the giant deer Megaloceros, and caring for each other (however, the heidelberg people seemed to lack funeral rites present in more advanced Homo species). By the middle of the episode, they had evolved into Neanderthal and Cro-Magnon people instead.


female Homo heidelbergensis

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