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Creature information
Time period : Pliocene Epoch
Primary diet : Carnivore
In the programmes
Appearances : Walking with Cavemen
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Homo rudolfensis (also Australopithecus rudolfensis) is an extinct species of the Hominini tribe known only through a handful of representative fossils, the first of which was discovered by Bernard Ngeneo, a member of a team led by anthropologist Richard Leakey and zoologist Meave Leakey in 1972, at Koobi Fora on the east side of Lake Rudolf (now Lake Turkana) in Kenya.


The scientific name Pithecanthropus rudolfensis was proposed in 1978 by V. P. Alekseyev who later (1986) changed it Homo rudolfensis. for the specimen Skull 1470 (KNM ER 1470). It remains an open debate whether the fossil evidence represents sufficient for postulating a separate species, and if so whether this species should be classified as within the Homo or Australopithecus genus.

On 8 August 2012, a team led by Meave Leakey announced the discovery of a face and two jawbones belonging to H. rudolfensis.

In Walking with... SeriesEdit

Blood BrothersEdit

In the second episode of WWC, a group of H. rudolfensis arrive at a kill and start a fight with a rival Homo habilis clan over a carass before a modern lion arrives and chases them away.

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