Behind the scenes


Into the Jaws of Death as well as the other episodes of Sea Monsters was nominated for Outstanding Visual Effects in a Television Series in the 2004 Visual Effects Society Awards.

The episodes also won Best Visual Effects at the 2004 BAFTA Awards.[1]



Into the Jaws of Death, as well as the other Sea Monsters episodes, sometimes air on the UK television channel Eden.


Into the Jaws of Death, as well as the other Sea Monsters episodes, were packaged with Chased by Dinosaurs on the Region 1 2004 DVD. Although a UK Region 2 DVD of Sea Monsters has not been released, a Dutch Region 2 DVD with Sea Monsters as well as Chased by Dinosaurs has been released.


When the fluke of the Basilosaurus breaks out of the water, it is clearly the tail of a humpback whale. The Walking with Beasts episode Whale Killer used a CGI tail.

As the Basilosaurus tears off Nigel's speaker, the edge clips into the CGI creature's lips.

When the dorsal fin of the Megalodon was seen from The Ancient Mariner, it was backwards-facing so it looked like the shark was swimming backwards.

During the end credits, as we see the Megalodon shark swimming under The Ancient Mariner, the light reflections on its body form a repeating pattern that don't correspond with the actual light rays shining through the waves.

Notes and references

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