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Species : Pachyrhinosaurus
In the series
Appearances : Walking with Dinosaurs 3D

"Well, Saffron, how're those kids of yours doing?."- Juniper, to Saffron.

Juniper is the mate of Patchi. She appears in WWD:3-D movie.


Juniper is a very beautiful Pachyrhinosaurus. Being a female of the species, she lacks the forward curving horn ornaments on her frill like Bulldust, Patchi and Scowler do but has the trademark boss on her nose. Unlike other Pachyrhinosaurs seen in the movie, her eyes have a unique color (blue) and a pinkish skin tone.


Juniper is shown to be caring, brave, and kind. As showing she saved baby patchyrhinosaur from the ice bridge and trying to help patchy.

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