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Liopleurodon ferox

Liopleurodon infobox

WWDPilot Liopleurodon


Vital statistics
Attributes Sharp, protruding teeth; large flippers; short tail, strong sense of smell, 25 metres in length
Diet Ophthalmosaurus; Leedsichthys; Eustreptospondylus; other animals
Fossil finds Europe
Possibly central North America
Temporal fossil range Jurassic period
160 to 155 million years ago
Other names
Production information
Notable individuals
TV appearances Walking with Dinosaurs, Cruel Sea
Sea Monsters, To Hell... and Back?
... at 150 tonnes, it is the largest and most powerful carnivore ever to live on the planet.

Walking with Dinosaurs, Cruel Sea

Liopleurodon was a species of large pliosaur from the late Jurassic period. It lived in the deep seas near the European coastlines, in vast territories.

With a maximum length of 25 metres, this creature was the largest carnivore to ever exist. Its incomprehensible size and strength made it indestructible to any attack.

Creature attributes

Physical appearance and biology

Liopleurodon was a very large pliosaur. It had the fundamental characteristics of the typical pliosaur, such as a large, heavy skull supported by a short neck. Its jaws carried a row of protruding, needle-sharp teeth. It also had powerful nostrils which were used to pinpoint the scent of its prey.

Each of Liopleurodon's four flippers was three metres in length. By alternately flapping its flippers, it managed to propel its huge bulk effortlessly through the Jurassic waters.

The colouration of a Liopleurodon was very similar to that of a great white shark's. It had black scales on the top half of its body, probably to camouflage it from prey above it. Meanwhile, on the other half of its body, there were white scales that would camouflage it from prey below it.

Behaviour and traits

Classification and ancestory

In Walking with Dinosaurs

Cruel Sea

In Sea Monsters

To Hell... and Back?

Other appearances

Liopleurodon was one of the few creatures featured in the Walking with Dinosaurs pilot. Like in its appearance in Cruel Sea, the animal ended up beached on the shore.

Behind the scenes

List of appearances

Notes and references

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