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Creature information
Time period : Late Triassic
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Appearances : Walking with Dinosaurs

The Metoposaur was a carnivorous amphibian from the Late Triassic period.


Metoposaurs were a relatively primitive group of amphibians. They were fully aquatic, even more so than Proterogyrinus, and at 2.5 m in length they were some of the biggest predators of Triassic waters, though the reptilian phytosaurs were longer yet.

All metoposaurs had flat, crocodile-like heads, but with eyes further down the skull, closer to the end of the upper jaws, than in case of other reptiles, such as Mastodonsaurus. Their limbs were relatively short and weak and the metoposaurs didn't move on land - they only walked along the bottoms of lakes and rivers were they lived.

All metoposaurs died out by 216.5 MYA.


Metoposaurs were mentioned in the book version of New Blood as background characters, similar to the phytosaurs.

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