Ornithocheiroids are a group of pterodactyloid pterosaurs that are commonly portrayed living near water and eating fish. They were among the last of pterosaurs to possess teeth.

A flying Ornithocheirus

They may or may not have been around in the latest Cretaceous time period.

Physical traitsEdit

Ornithocheiroids have limbs specialized for an amphibious lifestyle, whether fresh, salt or brackish water. In some cases, like Pteranodon, they can swim for food, while others probably waded in water, like modern herons do.

Unlike the Azhdarchids, the limbs of ornithocheiroids are not suited for terrestrial life, some ornithocheiroids couldn't even walk.

Many Ornithocheiroids are known from the Cretaceous deposits of North and South America as well Europe.

in the seriesEdit

Walking with DinosaursEdit

Giant of the SkiesEdit

Ornithocheirus was a migrating Ornithocheiroid that was the main character in this episode.

Chased by DinosaursEdit

Land of GiantsEdit

Ornithocheirus made a cameo appearance in this episode. There is also several Pteranodon in the episode.

SM1x3 PteranodonOnMariner

Nigel's Pteranodon. (Sea Monsters)

Sea MonstersEdit

Sea Monsters, Episode 3Edit

A Pteranodon befriends Nigel Marven and his crew in the last half of this episode.

Walking with Dinosaurs: Inside Their WorldEdit

Pteranodon is one of the viewable pterosaurs in the app.

Appearances in other MediaEdit

Prehistoric ParkEdit

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Nyctosaurus was an Ornithocheiroid, first appearing in the opening sequence, and in a cameo in the first episode (although they weren't identified).

They returned in the last episode, which, strangely, took place 2 million years earlier in their environment than in the first episode. Nigel Marvin flew alongside a flock in an airplane once. one was also caught and eaten by a Deinosuchus right out of the air.


  • Ornithocheirus has been reclassified as Tropeognathus, but both genus are Ornithocheiroids.