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Time period : Late Eocene-Early Oligocene
Primary diet : Herbivore
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Appearances : Sea Monsters

Palaeomastodon was a species of Proboscid related to Moeritherium. Its lover jaw was elongated like a shovel so it drink water more efficiently. Despite its name, it was nether the ancestor or related to the American Mastodon.


Palaeomastodon fossils have been found in Africa, lived some 36-35 MYA. They are believed to be the ancestors of elephants or mastodons. This genus is related to Moeritherium.

Palaeomastodon had tusks, both upper and lower. It had a trunk. It was 1 to 2 meters tall and weighed up to 2 tonnes. The lower tusks were flat rather than pointed cones, and were probably used to scoop plants from swampy water.

In Walking with... SeriesEdit

The Complete Guide To Prehistoric LifeEdit

In The Complete Guide To Prehistoric Life, it is said to be a possible ancestor of the modern elephants.

Sea MonstersEdit

In the Sea Monsters companion book, it is portrayed as the dominant land herbivore.

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