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A Permian desert in Walking with Monsters

The Permian-Triassic extinction event (aka. The Great Dying) wiped out 90 to 95% of all the known animals on Earth.

In Walking with MonstersEdit

This extinction event is represented by gigantic deserts, moving more and more to the North, which were actually caused by massive volcanic eruptions that poisoned the atmosphere and killed many forests, leading to a worldwide desertification. Because of that, many animals died, and the survivors, at least on land, were little, like Diictodon. Of course, many other animals have survived, like insects, mollusks, spiders, scorpions, fish, amphibians, cynodonts, therocephalians, diapsids, etc. Although these were generally small and survived due to their adaptability and oportunistic behaviour. After this, the world would recover, but synapsids will no longer rule that much, leaving diapsid reptiles to rule the Earth.
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The little water hole.

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A dead fish, because of the awful drough.