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WWBBook Physogaleus
Creature information
Time period : Late Eocene Epoch
Primary diet : Carnivore
In the programmes
Fatalities caused : One Apidium
Appearances : Walking with Beasts (Whale Killer)
In the books
Appearances : Sea Monsters
Physogaleus 3

Physogaleus in the intro.(Walking with Beasts)

Physogaleus was a very small Eocene shark featured in the Impossible Pictures' series Walking with Beasts, where it is seen hunting fish in the open ocean, being preyed on by Basilosaurus, and living in mangroves, where they ate Apidium, but were too small to attack Moeritherium, Arsinoitherium, or any other very large animals.They also appear in the book version of Sea Monsters, in the Eocene portion, where they attempted to steal a Basilosaurus' kill.


A Basilosaurus eats a Physogaleus. (Whale Killer)

Physogaleus kills apidium

A Physogaleus kills an Apidium. (Whale Killer)

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