Saurophthirus was a gigantic flea that fed on pterosaurs.

Creature attributesEdit

Physical appearance and biologyEdit

Outside of its large size, Saurophthirus was identical to modern fleas.

Behaviour and traitsEdit

Like fleas today, Saurophthirus was a parasite, but instead of feasting on the blood of small animals, it fed on pterosaurs such as the large Ornithocheirus.[1][2]

In Walking with DinosaursEdit

Giant of the SkiesEdit

Behind the scenesEdit

Saurophthirus was unidentified in Walking with Dinosaurs, only being identified as such in Walking with Dinosaurs: A Natural History and in the factfiles.

List of appearancesEdit

List of referencesEdit

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  2. Walking with Dinosaurs: A Natural History: Beneath A Giant's Wings

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