Nigel Marven explaining the shark camera's function. (Into the Jaws of Death)

The shark camera, often shortened to shark cam, was an underwater camera used by Nigel Marven to record the behaviour of an adult Megalodon.

In Sea MonstersEdit

Into the Jaws of DeathEdit

Nigel Marven, on board The Ancient Mariner, showed off the shark cam. He explained that he would attach it to the dorsal fin of a Megalodon. The hook would then eventually dissolve after a few days.

Later, an adult Megalodon approached The Ancient Mariner and Nigel, inside the shark cage, tried to attach the camera. However, due to its size, he could not accomplish his goal. He then resorted to trying to attach it on the boat.

To Hell... and Back?Edit

After nearly being eaten by the Megalodon, Nigel quickly climbed back onto The Ancient Mariner. He then managed to attach the camera to its dorsal fin.

Some time later, Nigel tracked down the camera and took it back to the boat to watch the footage. The camera managed to record footage of the Megalodon killing a whale.

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