Skeleton Jigsaw
Game information
No. of players1

Skeleton Jigsaw, known on the Discovery Kids website as Build a Beast, is an online puzzle game where the player must assemble the bones of an animal.


To win the game, you must build the skeletons by placing each bone in a certain place on the silhouette of the creature.

If the place is stumped, they can hover their mouse cursor over the "Help Button" and it will show the complete skeleton.

If you want to know a name of a certain bone, you can drag it over to an area of the interface that says "Drag bones here to view name".

There are four different difficulty levels to choose from they are "Level 1: Junior Fossiler", "Level 2: Amateur Palaeontologist", "Level 3: Professional Anatomist" and "Super Challenge". The higher the difficulty, the more the bones are fragmented.

Animals That Can be ConstructedEdit


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