Teilhardina belgica was a species of primate native to Africa that lived in the early Eocene. Despite being a rather small and obscure primate, it was highly adaptable, which gave it the potential to evolve into more complex species.

Creature attributesEdit

Physical appearance and biologyEdit

Teilhardina belgica was a small primate, resembling a cross between a tarsier and a marmoset in life. However, it made up for this lack of size by being highly adaptable to a variety of environments.[1]

Behaviour and traitsEdit

Its primary residence was in Africa in the forests that dominated the landscape of the Early Eocene foraging for insects and other foods. But wherever it traveled, Teilhardina always had to avoid being devoured by the dominant predators of the time.[1]

In the Evolution GameEdit

Teilhardina belgica's only known appearance in the Walking with... series is in the Evolution Game as the starting playable creature of the game. If it survives long enough it will evolve into a new species with traits that will vary depending on the choices of the player.

Behind the scenesEdit

Unlike what is portrayed in the Evolution Game, there have been no known descendants of Teilhardina.

List of appearancesEdit

Notes and referencesEdit

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