Creature information
Name meaning : Tendon Lizard
Time period : Early-Mid Cretaceous
Primary diet : Herbivore
In the programmes
Appearances : Walking with Dinosaurs: Inside Their World
In the books

Tenontosaurus was a hyphsilodont dinosaur from the early Cretaceous North America.


Tenontosaurus was a dinosaur who shared the traits of both iguanodonts (i.e. Iguanodon) and smaller hypsilophodonts (i.e. Leaellynasaura), but it indeed the most basal iguanodont. It reached up to 6.5 m in length and in many ways it was the cow of the Cretaceous. It didn't have many means of self-defence besides its size and relatively powerful tail - longer than the rest of its body and built like a two-by-four board - and it was popular prey for many carnivores, including Acrocanthosaurus and Dromaeosaurus, because of its relatively small size.

In Walking with... SeriesEdit

Walking with Dinosaurs: Inside Their WorldEdit

Tenontosaurus is one of the viewable dinosaurs in the app. It is also seen being attacked by a Deinonychus.

Tenontosaurus getting attacked by Deinonychus

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