Therocephalians were ancient synapsids that lived during the Permian and the Triassic epochs and which were related both to gorgonopsids and cynodonts. They were featured in the last episode of Walking with Monsters where they hunted lystrosaurs. It later evolved into a Cynodont in the Mid-Triassic. Their attacks were swift and at first appeared unsuccessful, but these predators had a secret weapon: a venomous bite, as shown when one kills a lystrosaurus


A Therocephilian being viewed on a hill with night vision. (Clash of Titans)

 Still, only one species of therocephalian has been deduced to be venomous, i.e. Euchambersia, which would probably mean that the one appearing in Walking with Monsters was one.

Euchamersia was 1 meter long. 

In Walking with... SeriesEdit


A Therocephilian jumping. (Clash of Titans)

Walking with MonstersEdit

Clash of TitansEdit

The therocephalians were in the last episode of walking with monsters. they bit a lystrosaurus and the venom killed it. they then ate it.

Appearances In Other MediaEdit


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A pack of therocephalians appeared during S4 of Primeval in a high school via a time anomaly. Eventually, they were all driven back through it by the ARC field team.


  • The model of the cynodont from New Blood was used for the therocephalian.

    A Therocephalian looking at Lystrosaurus. (Clash of Titans)

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