• Yell I just notice this

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    • Well, the movie is strikingly similar to Dinosaur - the dinosaurs in the Walking with Dinosaurs: The 3D Movie have the same architypes.

      Patchi and Aladar are both the main protagonists and they have similar personalities. Juniper and Neera are the typical stock female characters. Scowler and Kron are the main antagonists and are quite similar in personality. Alex and Zini are supporting wise-crackers. The Gorgosaurus and Carnotaurus are the big predators who just need to survive and the same goes for the small predators - the Troodon and Velociraptors.

      It's either that they copied Dinosaur's formula or it's just a big coincidence.

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    • Yeah. I actually liked Disney's dinosaur better than the movie. Because having voices suit Disney movies. It ruined WWD :( :( :(.

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    • I agree with the guy above me. Yup, for once I agree with an account-less person.

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    • A FANDOM user
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