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Time span248 to 206 mya
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The Triassic was a period in Earth's history. The beginning of the Mesozoic, this period marked the beginning of the dinosaur dynasty. As the reptiles spread across the land, they also made their way into the seas and the skies.

In Walking with DinosaursEdit

New BloodEdit

The entire episode was set in the Triassic.

In Sea MonstersEdit

Dangerous SeasEdit

After his visit to the Ordovician, Nigel Marven visited the Triassic to observe some of the marine reptiles that lived there. After accomplishing his goal, he traveled backwards in time to the Devonian.

In Walking with MonstersEdit

Clash of TitansEdit

The second half of this episode takes place during the Triassic. It descibes a Lystrosaurus migration and is set in Antarctica.


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