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The Triassic coelurosaur was an early species of coelurosaur theropod from the Middle Triassic.

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Physical appearance and biologyEdit

This dinosaur was an early member of a group of theropods known as the coelurosaurs which had stiffer tails among other characteristics. But the group is most known for its famous members the tyrannosaurs (such as the well known Tyrannosaurus) and birds. However, this Triassic coelurosaur had the appearance of a non-coelurosaur dinosaur known as Coelophysis that would appear later in the Triassic.

Behaviour and traitsEdit

The Triassic coelurosaurs were known to live on shorelines of Switzerland beaches[1][2] where they would hunt Nothosaurus hatchlings.[2]

In Sea MonstersEdit

Dangerous SeasEdit

When Nigel Marven was in the Middle Triassic he saw several coelurosaurs.

In Sea Monsters: Prehistoric Predators of the DeepEdit

The TriassicEdit

Like in the series Sea Monsters, the coelurosaur is one of the fauna that Nigel Marven sees. During the hatching of several Nothosaurus a coelurosaur kills one of the hatchlings.

Behind the scenesEdit

Coelurosaurs did not first appear in the Middle Triassic, the first members of the group actually first appeared in the Late Jurassic.

The Triassic coelurosaur reuses the model and vocalizations of Coelophysis from Generation 1.

In the Sea Monsters factfile of the coelurosaur, it is stated that Allosaurus is a coelurosaur.[3] This is false, as Allosaurus is a carnosaur rather than a coelurosaur and carnosaurs are a separate group from coelurosaurs.

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