WWD1x6 Ornithopod
Creature information
Scientific name : Unidentified
Time period : Late Cretaceous period
Primary diet : Herbivore
In the programmes
Appearances : Walking with Dinosaurs (Death of a Dynasty)
In the books
Appearances : No books

The unidentified ornithopod is an unknown genus of ornithopod dinosaur that lived during the Maastrichtian stage of the late Cretaceous period.

In the seriesEdit

Capture d’écran 2017-09-30 à 16.35.50

A Dromaeosaurus and two Unidentified Ornithopod

Walking with DinosaursEdit

Death of a DynastyEdit

A flock of ornithopods were seen drinking from the local river. They were stalked by a hunting Dromaeosaurus. The theropod ambushed the flock but the ornithopods scattered and outran the Dromaeosaurus.


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