Dwarf pteranodon
Creature information
Time period : Early Cretaceous
Primary diet : Carnivore
In the programmes
Fatalities caused : One Fish
Appearances : Walking with Dinosaurs (Giant of the Skies, Spirits of the Ice Forest)
In the books

The unidentified pterosaur was an unidentified genus of pterosaur that lived during the early Cretaceous period.

Appearances in the programmesEdit

Walking with DinosaursEdit

Giant of the SkiesEdit

The pterosaur was seen fishing above a lake. It caught a fish but however, the pterosaur was attacked by a male Ornithocheirus and its meal was stolen.

Spirits of the Ice ForestEdit

They are seen again as background animals. They might have been a different pterosaur, although this is uncertain.


  • Some fans have speculated that this pterosaur was a small Pteranodon-like pterosaur due to the similarities in appearance, especially the crest. Early versions of the Wikipedia page posted that it was some form of dsungaripteroid pterosaur instead, something that is inconsistent with this pterosaur's aerial fishing habits. Another speculated candidate is Caulkicephalus, which may be true for the one in the first episode.

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