It has come to my attention that this Wiki is using some things taken from my own WWD Wiki; a few templates, and your apparent new "in-universe" style of article structuring. Some of your new editing guides also appear to be heavily edited versions of my own (the guidelines on Walkingpedia are almost exactly the same as mine.)

For example, your new article layouts ("physical appearance and biology", "behaviour and traits" etc.), your episode article layouts, with numerous tabs in the same style as mine, your animal and episode infoboxes, and your animal navigation on your front page. For your navigation system, you use mostly the exact same images, with the exact same names, uploaded here a mere day after I uploaded my own.

Obviously I understand that you are completely free to do this; the images do not belong to me, the templates do not, and an entire style of editing most certainly does not. Indeed, all Wikis are technically allowed to go around "plagiarizing" (although technically it isn't plagiarizing) each other, I'm sure, since we don't really own our content.

What bothers me is the fact that, instead of being creative and making templates/styles which fit in with your own current style, you opted to use my, very different, styles and templates. The animal infobox, for example, does not fit in with this Wiki because the colours were made for my Wiki.

I made a comparison of the infobox template. White this Wiki, brown mine. Here.

My apologies if I didn't do this post right. I really have no understanding of Wikia's blogging features.

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