• LittleIslander

    This is goodbye

    July 30, 2014 by LittleIslander

    A bit late, but as you may have noticed, I've just done three edits, plus this one, making four. This puts my edit count up from six to ten. On my old account, Ibexgod, I had 990 edits. That put me ten short of 1000. This ten gets me there, or as close as I'll ever get to it.

    As Collector, Bacner, and EpicPrime will surely know, as well as Jordon, shoud you still be around, watching them, to read this, I was a major editor of this site, and left when my account was disabled. You guys took note of this, and were concerned, to which I thank you. But I've decided I do not belong here. You guys have moved on, and are running well.

    But, it appears my four minutes to write this is up, so I'll leave now.

    Goodbye, and good luck to you all.

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  • LittleIslander

    One last try

    July 11, 2014 by LittleIslander

    I'm Ibexgod, as some of you are already aware of (EP). As you (The Admins) will surely remember, I was an advocate for displaying our modern views instead of making the old and outdated facts look like reality. This never caught on, despite the fact that I still never got a reason why the "Potrayal In the Series" suggestion wouldn't work for us both... but nevermind that. I've got one last suggestion that could finally be a compromise. Use subpages. Every [eon/era/period/epoch, group and creature] article would have a subpage, which would be articlename/facts. It would deal with our modern views, history of the views, and discovery of the creature(s). This wouldn't distract from the main article and stil gives information if people are int…

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