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    My final message.

    October 26, 2014 by Lythronax

    Greetings all. Sorry for being heavily inactive, I'll explain why in a second. But first, you may have noticed that for a while, the wiki's wordmark had been changed to have this little title above it - "project palaeontology" to be exact. That was the title of a project I was working on but as you will see in a second, this project will never come to full term.

    As the title of this blog suggests, this is my last message on this wiki, ever. This may seem a little extreme considering the amount of times I have declared my retirement from the wiki and me then coming back a day or two later, but this time, it's official.

    I am leaving this forever. The main reason is that I am starting to lose interest in dinosaurs and palaeontology ever sinc…

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    There has been a theory made by some internet sleuths that there is a link between the fourth episode of Primeval's third series and the Chased by Dinosaurs series.

    The idea is that rather than being eaten by the Giganotosaurus in the hanger, Nigel evaded the attack and ran through the anomaly, leading to the Chased by Dinosaurs storyline.

    This looks like there could be a possible link between the two programmes. However, like many fan theories, there are, of course, some plot-holes.

    If Nigel Marven did travel to Patagonia, how come he had a large supply of equipment, food and vehicles at his disposal?

    The colouration of the Giganotosaurus and the Velociraptors in Chased by Dinosaurs differs from their Primeval counterparts.

    Nigel's outfit differs between th…

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    Looks like Argentinosaurus is not the largest dinosaur anymore.  A new discovery in Argentina has revealed a titanosaur seven tonnes larger than Argentinosaurus.  Shame it hasn't got an official genus name yet.  If I could suggest a name, why not Saurotitan? :)

    Should I post more dinosaur discoveries?

    For more information :

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    Hello all.  Recently, you may have noticed that I have been inactive on this wiki for some time.  There's an explanation for that.

    1. I've been concentrating on other projects.

    I have been working on other wikis like the Prehistoric Park Wiki and my own reprise of Walking With Wikis called Walkingpedia.

    1. I don't really like what this wiki has become.

    When I first got here, the wiki was relatively barren and it was far from complete. Not its the opposite. Now, this wiki has a team of people helping to make this place better. Thank you for that. However, since there is little to add or improve, I don't think that I'm needed here anymore.

    Thank you for the experience, It's been lovely being here but I think its time to move on.

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    Wiki Update (15.12.2013)

    December 15, 2013 by Lythronax

    Hello all.  This is an update about the wiki!

    As you may know, the navigation bar at the top had 5 sections, On The Wiki, Stories, Creatures, Movie and Community.  I have merged the Stories and Creatures sections together as I added code that enables extended navigation!

    When you go onto a non-existent page, usually there would be a message telling you that the page doesn't exist. I've modified it to say this:

    If you hover over the image of the cannibalism, its says "Poor little fella...".

    Hope you like the updates. All comments welcome!

    EpicPrime talk to me! 18:11, December 15, 2013 (UTC)

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