Primeval - Nigel Marven fan theory03:16

Primeval - Nigel Marven fan theory

A video made by YouTube user "NickCutter2", proposing a possible link between Primeval and Chased by Dinosaurs.

There has been a theory made by some internet sleuths that there is a link between the fourth episode of Primeval's third series and the Chased by Dinosaurs series.

The idea is that rather than being eaten by the Giganotosaurus in the hanger, Nigel evaded the attack and ran through the anomaly, leading to the Chased by Dinosaurs storyline.

This looks like there could be a possible link between the two programmes. However, like many fan theories, there are, of course, some plot-holes.

If Nigel Marven did travel to Patagonia, how come he had a large supply of equipment, food and vehicles at his disposal?

The colouration of the Giganotosaurus and the Velociraptors in Chased by Dinosaurs differs from their Primeval counterparts.

Nigel's outfit differs between the two series.

But, this is just me. What do you think? Do you think there is a link between Primeval and Chased by Dinosaurs?

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