Hello all.  When creating or improving an article, adding text and images is one thing.  The next thing is to make it well presented.  This is where templates step in!  On the wiki there are many simple-to-use templates designed to be used on different article.  The text below should clear things up.

How do I insert a template?

Visual editing

In the "Templates" section in the right rail, select the "Add other templates" hyperlink.  You can then choose from the frequently used templates section or you can search for a template.

Source editing

To insert a template via source editing, simply add {{}} and the template name within the brackets.

Template you can use.


Infoboxes are used at the start of articles to present an important summary of information about the article subject.  These are a list of infoboxes used on Walking With Wikis.

Infobox Creature

{{Infobox Creature}}

Infobox Episode

{{Infobox Episode}}

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