Utahraptor. With lethal claws, this five-metered killer is well armed, and long fingers help them to lach on to swift moving larger prey.

Kenneth Branagh (Narrator)
Giant of the Skies (Episode)



Creature information
Scientific name : Utahraptor ostrommaysorum
Name meaning : Utah's predator
Time period : Early Cretaceous period
Primary diet : Carnivore
In the programmes
Fatalities caused : One European Iguanodon
Appearances : Walking with Dinosaurs (Giant of the Skies)
In the books
Utahraptor was a dromeosauriddinosaur of the theropod family, though at 5–8 meters in length, 2–3 meters in height, and 1000 kilograms in weight, it is the biggest member of its family found so far, much bigger than its later kin, such as the more famous Velociraptor.

Utahraptors in Walking with Dinosaurs

However, just like the later raptor species, Utahraptor was armed with sickle-like claws on its hind legs and it had self-replenishing teeth in its jaws (and also talons on its wings.). Thus, these killers were well armed.


  • A re-description paper is being written that will drastically change what we know about Utahraptor. Therefore this section is currently removed.


  • The Utahraptors look nothing like the real animal. They lack feathers, the head is far too blocky and stout, and the animals have incorrectly twisted hands.

In Walking with... Series

Walking with Dinosaurs

Giant of the Skies

Utahraptor lived in the Early Cretaceous time period (127-121 MYA), when it hunted in packs, as featured in Walking with Dinosaurs  ep. 4. Its' prey included various plant-eating dinosaurs such as European Iguanodon and Polacanthus, also featured in that episode. It was shown to be capable of hunting in packs (or at least family groups) and launching ambushes similar to those of modern lions or similar carnivores. It is possible that the Utahraptor can be considered to be a minor villain or antagonist of Giant of the SkiesIn The Making Of episode of the series, after the end credits, a smoking, talking Utahraptor complains about how hard it was for him to work with the animators.

Walking with Dinosaurs: Inside Their World

Utahraptor is one of the viewable dinosaurs in the app.


A toy of Utahraptor was made by Toyway for their Walking with Dinosaurs line. It was packaged with Leaellynasaura.

Utahraptor toy.


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