The deletion of content from Walking With Wikis is necessary if that certain piece of content violates at least one of our policies. However, deletion should not always be the first course of action. To mark an page as a candidate for deletion, type in {{Delete}} or in some cases, {{Speedydelete}}.

Reasons for deletion

Most of the time, deletion is only necessary if it does not adhere to the policies or the Manual of Style. However, there are other reasons for proposing article deletion. They include;

  • Blatant vandalism or spam. Spam includes advertising, articles that consist of walls of random text and user pages created by other users.
  • Content that consists of fan-fiction or speculation. Articles containing information that has not been confirmed by the BBC or any company associated with Walking with... counts as well.
  • Articles about content from other programmes outside of Walking with.... Although we do allow a single article about the programme itself, articles about creatures from Prehistoric Park, Wild New World and The Lost World are not allowed.
  • Content that does not conform to individual policies like:
  • Pages that contain plagarised content. Content copied-and-pasted from sites like Wikipedia and other Walking with... wikis are not allowed.

Blanking articles

Never blank an article that needs deleting. Blanking articles is considered vandalism and you will be blocked from editing if you do it. If you do see an article that needs deleting, just add {{Delete}}.

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