Disambiguation pages are used when two or more articles have the same name.

Correct useEdit

  • If articles have the same name, please label them with an appropriate tag.  For example, two pieces of media are titled "Giant of the Skies".  One is an episode, another is a musical piece.  For the episode article, add the label (episode) and for the track page, use (soundtrack).
    • However, when tagging pages, do not use upper case, like (Episode).
  • Using "Giant of the Skies" as an example, the disambiguation page would be located on the page "Giant of the Skies".
    • Do not create disambiguation pages named "Giant of the Skies (disambiguation)".
  • Add {{disambig}} to the disambiguation page and add a heading or two (depending on if the media are different) like Creatures or Episodes.  List the articles within the sections and add short summaries next to them, describing what the article is about in a nutshell.

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