The talk page of an article is meant to be used as a means of discussing the article's content and errors. Unlike YouTube comment sections, discussions here must pertain to the article's content, not about the WWU.

Discussions that are allowed

  • Any discussions that point out an error in the article. This does not mean pointing out errors in the article's subject. For example, comments pointing out the scientific inaccuracies about Liopleurodon are not allowed.
  • Discussions that suggest any major changes to the article. If you want to add a lot of new information but you want the input of other users before doing so, you can do so on the article's talk page.
  • Discussion about proposing the article's deletion. However, before doing so, please check out the deletion policy before adding a subject.

Signing your comment

When you leave a comment on a talk page, please sign your comment with ~~~~ to make it easier for us to identify and to reply to you.

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