Walking with Dinosaurs: CD-ROM was a PC CD-ROM.

Manufacturer's DescriptionEdit

Explore interactive landscapes and see dinosaurs hunting, grazing and running in their natural habitats.

Use your magnifying glass to discover details of dinosaur life. Collect plants, dinosaurs and animals from different landscapes and build a food chain.

Search for missing bones and re-build dinosaur skeletons.

Trace the evolution of dinosaurs. Get pre-historic on your PC with dinosaur sounds, wallpapers and screensavers.

And re-visit your favourite clips from the television series in the Walking with Dinosaurs video browser.

A ‘must have’ for anyone who loved the television series.

Product FeaturesEdit

  • Dinosaur Panoramas
  • Food web
  • Fossil hunt
  • Family tree
  • Fact file
  • Desktop customiser and video browser

ReceptionEdit rated the CD-ROM 4/5 stars.[1]



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