Zuniceratops was a ceratopsian dinosaur from the middle to late Cretaceous North America.


Although it was superficially similar to such dinosaurs as Triceratops, Zuniceratops was an older, more primitive creature, an in-between link between the the more ancient ceratopsian dinosaurs of Asia (i.e. Protoceratops) and the last of the horned dinosaurs, the Ceratopsids proper - StyracosaurusPentaceratopsTorosaurus, etc. 

Zuniceratops belongs to its own genus of ornitischian dinosaurs; it had brow horns, but no nasal horns, and a frill. At about 3.5 m in length, it was much smaller than Triceratops or Torosaurus, about the size of a large buffalo. Like the other horned dinosaurs, it was an herbivore, and it died out about 89.3 MYA.

In Walking with Dinosaurs: Inside Their WorldEdit

Zuniceratops is one of the dinosaurs featured in this app.

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